March 2, 2012

trendingbuzz: Innovative Credit Consultants - Fixing credit scores and fast!

trendingbuzz: Innovative Credit Consultants - Fixing credit scores and fast!

I’m not sure what I would have done without Innovative Credit Consultants. It’s really difficult to have anyone take you seriously in the financial world if your credit is less than ideal.

I have a long family heritage that can be traced back to Colonial America. I am proud of my family, especially its traditions. One of these traditions is naming the firstborn son’s eldest son after the founding father of our family. As fate would have it, my father was the first born, so my grandparents named him John after my great, great, great, great, grandfather. Then, twenty four years later, I was his first born son and I was given the honor of carrying on the family tradition. Now, my eldest son is John too.

The tradition always gave me a sense of belonging, however, sometimes tradition and modern day practices conflict. Three living generations of John Caldwells have completely wreaked havoc on our credit scores. It wasn’t until my wife and I tried to buy a house that we were made aware of the problem. The bank came back to me and said they wouldn’t be able to give us a loan due to my low score. I was surprised since I didn’t have any outstanding debts and if I was almost never late with my payments.

I went home that day and checked out my score. To my astonishment, my report was a mile long with my father’s information and mine entwined. Out of curiosity, I had my teenage son run his and we discovered that both my information and my father’s were on my son’s report too. We spent hours on the phone speaking to creditors and bureaus trying to straighten out the mess. We had little to no success.

Then, a friend of mine suggested that we go and speak to the representatives at Innovative Credit Consultants. They were very courteous and assured us that they would straighten everything out. They even suggested how my son could start developing his credit for the future, something my wife and I never really considered. All of their suggestions were clearly explained and they worked diligently on our files.

Today, both my father and I have scored well over 700. We would never have been able to make it happen. Not only did they help fix our reports, but they continue to give us suggestions as to how to keep them high. I highly recommend this knowledgeable, reliable, and friendly company. They really work for their clients’ benefits and should we need additional help in future, we know where to turn.

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