January 25, 2013

LegalMatch Publishes 5000th article in Online Law Library

South San Francisco based LegalMatch, America's original client-attorney matching service, reached a milestone recently publishing its 5000th informative legal article for the non-lawyers amongst us (sadly a dwindling number, it seems). The article, entitled "Severance Package Lawyers", like the majority of articles in the online Law Library fills yet another information void for small businesses and consumers seeking legal information that is accessible and without the cost on consulting a lawyer.

LegalMatch's Law Library consistently sees a strong readership, routinely getting 250K plus visits a month to a wide range of topical articles. January's hottest topics include many about alcohol consumption, with Open Container Laws getting the most eyeballs, various child custody issues, including the most popular being between unmarried parents, sexting, fake IDs, polygraph tests and emotional distress.

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