January 22, 2012

Maylevy.com and the social media marketing craze, an experience in learning about SMO

No matter what type of business you have, Internet presence is the success mantra in the 21st century. Everyday, people are in search of good products and services, just like yours. Google reports that almost 85% of these searches are directed towards new websites listed at the top on major search engines results. Your business will lose potential visitors (real customers) if you do not engage in fierce but effective Internet marketing strategies.

May Levy is your personal online public relations and SEM guru. What we do is handle viral buzz through social media marketing. Our team works with several top secret methods devised by us to generate niche results in business. Using our underground network of power-users, and a myriad of partners with small blogs, publishing platforms, and high listener count, we maintain a level of quality throughout all our promotional work so that you are never at risk of violating Google’s search spider’s best practices. Our Internet marketing techniques are different from run of the mill ways that do not produce anymore ever lasting results. We are not a shadowy figure working in the background. Members of the will engage in real time interaction with you or your representative to provide current updates on progress and show how they are effective. For the client business, we focus on generating real time niche buzz.

We talk about the company, product or service interminably. May Levy and team specializes in generating actual niche communication and chatter or buzz on websites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Yahoo, Google Maps, Yelp, and others. Clients can be best assured that with our Internet marketing methods and services, visitors will turn to your site in no time. Apart from the excellent team, we have myriad partnerships with small blogs, publishing platforms, and high listener count, which will help multiply your web presence.

How We Market?

Well we avoid mentioning our Internet marketing tactics openly. But, for a run through, let’s say this:

- Our first priority is content development. Blindly marketing does not help. We need top provide readers with something to keep them engaged and interested in your site. The content we develop is unique and SEO optimized and meta rich. We are masters at the subtle art of communication and the strategy behind classy marketing.
- Utilizing the content by marketing to preferred sites, which will definitely have viewership.
- Spreading information about the company on major social media sites.

This encompasses Social Media Buzz, Article & Link Building, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Content Writing, Design / Development and lots more.

Cost of Internet Marketing

Requirements vary with each Internet marketing project so there are no fixed costs. We work out in details the specific requirement of each project and develop a budget plan. However, we assure you, the cost of Internet marketing services with us is as competitive as any other agency. With you, we work as a team. We help you grow your business. Speak with us about your project – a new project or an existing one! You won’t be disappointed.

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