January 22, 2012

Need credit repir? Theres only one place worth checking out, ICC

They did a fantastic job on my credit


Credit Repair Professionals: Welcome to Innovative Credit Consultants (ICC) your solution for expert, ethical credit repair. We strive to be an intelligent resource for consumers who want to boost their credit. Your credit history and report determine eligibility for all lines of credit. It is necessary to evaluate your score yearly.

ICC represents Superior Customer Service and Remarkable Credit Repair Solutions.

Boost Your Score by Eliminating Negatives: Credit challenges surround consumers today. Everyone deserves a chance to obtain an accurate credit report and learn how to establish better credit. We understand that at times this process can be stressful and confusing, that is why we will help you examine your credit history and boost your score. There is a growing need for credit repair as technology advances and our economy changes. We have created a process that serves your needs first. Benefit from a free credit report evaluation and a free consultation and take control of your future.

You cannot afford to neglect your low score. Let us teach you how to make your credit count.

Credit Repair Services: Innovative Credit Consultants is proficient in all areas related to credit. We are the only performance based company available. We have successfully deleted/repaired negative items related to:

• Charge Offs • ID Theft • Incorrect Personal Information • Judgments and Public Records • Late Credit Card/Mortgage Payments • Repossessions • Creditor Inquiries • Past Due History • Paid and Erroneous Collections • Bankruptcies • Foreclosures • Tax and Other Liens

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