January 30, 2012

My Divorce Diet Plan: Every Broken Hearted Girl Needs a Web Guy

My Divorce Diet Plan: Every Broken Hearted Girl Needs a Web Guy

Every girl going through the crisis of a painful breakup while developing her own business will need a web site and a web designer. I suggest a guy. Along with his masterful, graphic design skills, he makes her laugh, calls her ‘dude’ and frequently uses the phrase ‘it’s all good’. Because he sees her potential while heartache is blocking it from her view, he pushes her past the self imposed limits she would have very contently settled for.

Ladies, take my word for it, you don’t need a new boyfriend, what you need is a web guy. If he hosts your site, you get a committed relationship without the drama. He reliably returns all calls and emails, compliments you and gently walks you to the vision your self-confidence is too shell shocked and afraid to believe.

During one of the darkest periods of my life, while I was cowering, licking my wounds, gasping to believe the pain would end, I was presented with a healing gift in a form I never could have designed or imagined. A web guy brought me back to life. He listened to my ideas and, by blending them with his gifts, transformed them into art. His agenda was to fill his canvas using my thoughts as inspiration. He let me go without question when I needed to take a break and was motivated and ready to continue when I recuperated and came back.

Breath taken, speechless, I present to you my websites, AnneGambina.com and MyDivorceDietPlan.com. My designer is the insanely talented, passionate, ever patient Danny Glix. (Also referred to by me as ‘Oh Great and Powerful Webmaster’, ‘Sir Glix’, ‘Lestat’, ‘Danny, Danny’ when I was hyperactive and my heartfelt, favorite ‘My Danny.’)

The moral of the story, if your heart is broken and you need to recreate your future and your dreams, start your own business and get a web guy. Not only would I recommend you share mine, I would be deeply grateful because he would receive after giving so much to me. No need to be jealous on this one. Really good web guys can handle lots of girls.

January 22, 2012

Need credit repir? Theres only one place worth checking out, ICC

They did a fantastic job on my credit


Credit Repair Professionals: Welcome to Innovative Credit Consultants (ICC) your solution for expert, ethical credit repair. We strive to be an intelligent resource for consumers who want to boost their credit. Your credit history and report determine eligibility for all lines of credit. It is necessary to evaluate your score yearly.

ICC represents Superior Customer Service and Remarkable Credit Repair Solutions.

Boost Your Score by Eliminating Negatives: Credit challenges surround consumers today. Everyone deserves a chance to obtain an accurate credit report and learn how to establish better credit. We understand that at times this process can be stressful and confusing, that is why we will help you examine your credit history and boost your score. There is a growing need for credit repair as technology advances and our economy changes. We have created a process that serves your needs first. Benefit from a free credit report evaluation and a free consultation and take control of your future.

You cannot afford to neglect your low score. Let us teach you how to make your credit count.

Credit Repair Services: Innovative Credit Consultants is proficient in all areas related to credit. We are the only performance based company available. We have successfully deleted/repaired negative items related to:

• Charge Offs • ID Theft • Incorrect Personal Information • Judgments and Public Records • Late Credit Card/Mortgage Payments • Repossessions • Creditor Inquiries • Past Due History • Paid and Erroneous Collections • Bankruptcies • Foreclosures • Tax and Other Liens

Tired of Ebay and Amazon then try this it works!

Tired of Ebay and Amazon then try something else. I LOVE selling things and I know most of you love buying things. We are a perfect match.I started selling online about 3 years ago. I'm a medical contractor so my job involves traveling around the US at various hospitals working on 8-13 week contracts. I have been gone from home as little as 2 weeks to as much as 11 months. I never really know how long I'll be gone on an assignment. I got into selling while I was on the road. When you're on the road in a strange town it's sometimes hard to find things to do.

I always had my laptop with me so it was easy for me to connect with my friends far away. One day someone suggested that I try selling on E-Bay. I listed a few items and they sold so I had a few extra dollars in my pocket. Anyone who sells on E-Bay knows what I mean by a "few" extra dollars. By the time Ebay took out their 15% and Pay Pal took out a few more dollars, I didn't make very much but I still liked the idea of selling online. So it didn't take me long to leave Ebay. Next I tried Amazon.com but I didn't like the idea that they took 15-20% and also kept my money until the buyer was satisfied which left me to pay for everything upfront. After selling on Ebay I already knew that no buyer is ever satisfied. So you can guess how that ended up.

I then started looking around and found some really great sites that were "seller friendly" and "computer user" friendly. They have low fees and allow you to sell almost anything without limitations. The sites make it easy to list your item (with no listing fees) and the percent that they take is much lower than Ebay or Amazon. Also a couple of sites allow you to copy your items from one site to the other (even import your Ebay listings). They actually do all the work for you all you do is press the importer button. How great is that. You can link your account for free to Twitter and Facebook so you can tell all your friends about what your are selling. Over the last few years many of these websites offer loyalty incentives for you to shop on their site. You can collect Photons, Addoway Bucks or Reward Tokens. You can get these by interacting with other sellers on the sites. It's kind a like and interactive Ebay without all the drama. Many time the items that you list will show up on the first one or two pages of Google. People can go directly to your store without logging into the website which makes buying a lot faster and hassle free. Check out the site listed on this blog page and see if this is something you would like to do. There are many sites like these out there with more popping up every day. The best sites are the ones that connect to social networks because that's the place to sell right now.

Check out my Booth on Bonanza.com at http://www.bonanza.com/booths/kumdo

Looking for Graphics or web design from out of this world?

Sensational style on demand is our tagline, and we mean it. We are your digital architects. We focus on creating designs that help you close deals, look official, and beyond your typical competition. the reason is our 15+ years of experience doing what we love- graphic design services. We pride ourselves on not only designing work that looks great, but stable code, healthy programming behind the frontend, and exceptional Information Architecture / Taxonomies.

We welcome the opportunity to gain your business and impress you with the types of winning quality graphic designs that you can find on our portfolio. Call today to get started (646) 450-6324.

Creative Designs. Affordable Rates. Speedy Turnaround. Friendly Attitude.

trendingbuzz: Check out Neonfix's Alter Ego Prim & Per' Fect

trendingbuzz: Check out Neonfix's Alter Ego Prim & Per' Fect: For all your Fabulous Hair & Make up Needs go to www.primandp.com . All Nationalities & Occasions The next 100th person to visit our site gets a free... read more

Maylevy.com and the social media marketing craze, an experience in learning about SMO

No matter what type of business you have, Internet presence is the success mantra in the 21st century. Everyday, people are in search of good products and services, just like yours. Google reports that almost 85% of these searches are directed towards new websites listed at the top on major search engines results. Your business will lose potential visitors (real customers) if you do not engage in fierce but effective Internet marketing strategies.

May Levy is your personal online public relations and SEM guru. What we do is handle viral buzz through social media marketing. Our team works with several top secret methods devised by us to generate niche results in business. Using our underground network of power-users, and a myriad of partners with small blogs, publishing platforms, and high listener count, we maintain a level of quality throughout all our promotional work so that you are never at risk of violating Google’s search spider’s best practices. Our Internet marketing techniques are different from run of the mill ways that do not produce anymore ever lasting results. We are not a shadowy figure working in the background. Members of the will engage in real time interaction with you or your representative to provide current updates on progress and show how they are effective. For the client business, we focus on generating real time niche buzz.

We talk about the company, product or service interminably. May Levy and team specializes in generating actual niche communication and chatter or buzz on websites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Yahoo, Google Maps, Yelp, and others. Clients can be best assured that with our Internet marketing methods and services, visitors will turn to your site in no time. Apart from the excellent team, we have myriad partnerships with small blogs, publishing platforms, and high listener count, which will help multiply your web presence.

How We Market?

Well we avoid mentioning our Internet marketing tactics openly. But, for a run through, let’s say this:

- Our first priority is content development. Blindly marketing does not help. We need top provide readers with something to keep them engaged and interested in your site. The content we develop is unique and SEO optimized and meta rich. We are masters at the subtle art of communication and the strategy behind classy marketing.
- Utilizing the content by marketing to preferred sites, which will definitely have viewership.
- Spreading information about the company on major social media sites.

This encompasses Social Media Buzz, Article & Link Building, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Content Writing, Design / Development and lots more.

Cost of Internet Marketing

Requirements vary with each Internet marketing project so there are no fixed costs. We work out in details the specific requirement of each project and develop a budget plan. However, we assure you, the cost of Internet marketing services with us is as competitive as any other agency. With you, we work as a team. We help you grow your business. Speak with us about your project – a new project or an existing one! You won’t be disappointed.